marisa gutierrez, artist

marisa gutierrez

Eyes wide... Eyes shut.., images dance in my mind - I quickly capture them with a few short lines that celebrate my vocabulary of art. 

Life inspirations and experiences transcribe my artistic visions such as a fiesta, ethnic landscapes, traveling to a colourful land such as Morocco or México, walking down the street in Paris or San Francisco direct my artistic creations and visions of what goes onto a blank canvas. I often find myself grabbing my camera or paper in my purse- and sometimes in desperation, a napkin will do the job...

My art screams colour, the energy of life & festivity, as I am a person who embraces such.  My colourful style weaves through all my work. The glorious Northern California light gives everything I see an extraordinary glow, I believe. I must admit that I crave colour feasts in every direction my head turns; if I don’t see it believe me my mind is adding it where needed!

My atelier is a collection of almost +30 years of various mediums such as oils, watercolors, gouaches, acrylics, inks, pastels and coloured pencils, brushes, sketch pads and let’s not forget a huge eraser right at my finger tips. I’m often working through the wee hours of the night obsessive over paintings, lifting my head only to watch the rising of the sun.

 At birth art was already engrained into my veins. My parents have many stories to solidify this.  My first memory of creating art was what became a greeting card was when I was five years old and my mother asked me to make her a wedding card (as she still does). There I sat at my little table, which my son uses to‐date, and I would sit and create.  When it was time for me to go to college I never discussed with my parents (who are both wonderful creative artistic people as well) what my future would be because we all knew... 

Selling and creating large scale works of my art & greeting cards is simply inspiring and humbling. It makes me truly happy to share my work with others. I can only hope that my artwork resonates and dances in other people’s minds happily as it does in mine. I know that I will be creating artwork until my very last breath because this is what I was meant to do. Daily I am motivated and inspired at every turn. I truly feel fulfilled and blessed with my life and journey as a mother and as an artist.  


Marisa Gutiérrez is a single mother to her amazing artistic son Mateo. She is the founder of, a stationery and fine art company. caters to corporate businesses and the private sector for personalized stationery and the acquisition of fine art. Over the past 15 years of owning, clients have ranged from fortune 500 companies to the California State Legislature, small business and individuals within the Americas and Europe. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Dominican University of California, in San Rafael. The above painting is by a dear friend Jerald Silva, Sacramento’s nationally acclaimed artist.